What Makes Us Different

Our Approach

Willow Grove Advisors brings an understanding—that comes with experience—of all the aspects of growing and preserving wealth, from financial planning, taxation, and estate planning to insurance and investing. We have extensive experience and knowledge of the markets, the world economy, and investment theory that we bring to our clients. Our staff employs advanced analytical tools and investment modeling, backed by the latest research.

When we implement your investment strategy we use separate account managers, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, and registered investment vehicles to implement the appropriate asset allocation model for each client. We also pay close attention to the cost and tax efficiency of any investment option and the overall plan.

We have both local and international clientele, from diverse cultural backgrounds. Because there are regional tax and financial differences, it is important to us where you call home. The better we know you, the better we can make appropriate recommendations that address your financial needs and goals now and in to the future.

Knowing You Allows Us To:

  • Understand and define what true wealth means to you
  • Bring clarity to your financial priorities and what is most important to you
  • Work closely with the other important professionals that make up your wealth preservation team – CPA, Insurance and Estate Planning
  • Help our clients identify their tolerance for risk, as measured by the standard deviation of returns
  • Assess the risk profile and anticipated long-term returns of the client’s current portfolio
  • Analyze “efficient” portfolios for suitability
  • Position managers to enhance the cost and tax efficiency of taxable relationships
  • Integrate values-based investing where appropriate
  • Incorporate an “optimal” solution into the client’s investment policy and guidelines