Willow Grove Advisors acts as a fiduciary with a duty to take care of our clients' assets

"You create your future by what you do in the present." ~ Bangambiki Habyarimana

As your Wealth Manager, we:

  • Perform initial and ongoing wealth analysis
  • Make sure all Estate and Trust planning is up to date and suitable for your current and anticipated circumstance
  • Bring in insurance experts to make sure you are suitably insured for your changing wealth circumstance
  • Make asset allocations and tactical recommendations
  • Recommend and oversee funds and fund managers using appropriate due diligence
  • Review account data and provide timely reports
  • Screen investments using socially responsible criteria
  • Coordinate with tax professionals on all tax planning and provision of tax information
  • Conduct quarterly account monitoring
  • Measure and evaluate account performance

We coordinate with:

Tax Professionals

  • Provide information and forward tax documents
  • Integrate overall tax status relating to investments
  • Initiate and integrate tax planning when needed


  • Initiate a review or implementation of Estate Plan
  • Estate and wealth transfer planning – Pre and Post IPO/Merger or Acquisition
  • Cross-border estate planning and asset protection for multi-constituent individuals and families

Insurance Specialists

  • Initiate a review of current insurance to make sure clients are covered at the appropriate level at the right price
  • Cross-border asset protection for assets outside the US and for multi-country family wealth transfer
  • Long-term care insurance options


  • Safeguard assets
  • Record transactions
  • Generate account statements
  • Generate tax documents

Money Managers

  • Conduct security and technical research
  • Make security buy and sell decisions