Willow Grove Advisors Provides a Holistic Financial Approach

"It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan." ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

From our in-depth conversations with you, we craft a specific wealth plan and investment policy statement that guides every decision we make.

The elements of a sound Investment Policy Statement include:

  • Objectives: What are your current circumstances and goals?
  • Structures: What needs to be put in place to house and safeguard your wealth?
  • Expected returns: What are the minimum returns required to meet these goals?
  • Time horizon: How long do you have to reach your goals?
  • Legal Professionals: Do you have an estate planning attorney who will provide sound estate planning to fit your current circumstance, with the sophistication to provide more complex estate planning and wealth transfer strategies as your financial situation evolves and changes? Do you need other legal professionals like a real estate attorney, a business attorney, or an employment attorney?
  • Insurance: Are you insured at the appropriate levels? Can you reduce your insurance costs? Do you have long-term care insurance? Do you have assets in multiple countries that need to be protected, or have cross border wealth transfer needs best executed through an international insurance specialist?
  • Liquidity needs: How much cash do you expect to withdraw from the portfolio and what will be the timing of withdrawals?
  • Risk tolerance: How much fluctuation in asset value can you tolerate over a short period of time? What is your “sleep well at night” risk tolerance?
  • Liquidity risk: What is the longest time period money can be committed to a single investment?
  • Tax implications: Are your assets allocated and managed in a manner that is attentive to your wealth after taxes?
  • Values and philanthropy: Are there personal values you would like your investments to reflect? Are there causes or philanthropic organizations you would like to support?
  • Unique circumstances: Are there unique circumstances that need to be considered, such as multi-constituency tax considerations, estate planning structures, concentrated stock position, restricted stock or stock options, future IPO or acquisition, foreign exchange or current investments?
  • Tax Professionals: Do you have a CPA who will coordinate with WGA to develop tax planning strategies to optimize your tax circumstance?