Wealth Management

Willow Grove Advisors Wealth Management Services

Combining current research, analytics technology, and decades of international experience, Willow Grove Advisors employs best practice financial planning principals to create individually tailored wealth strategies.

As your advisor, we will use all of our resources and knowledge to:

  • Assess the your current wealth landscape
  • Understand any cross-border complexities
  • Clarify your goals and needs, both short and longer-term
  • Bring in outside tax, legal, insurance and banking experts to round out your wealth team
  • Perform an analysis and create strategies for all non-standard assets, including RSUs, ESPP, stock options, LP holdings and foreign assets
  • Create suitable “efficient” portfolio allocation recommendations
  • Carefully research each investment to understand the cost structure, tax profile and how each is expected to behave through various markets
  • Structure portfolios to minimize risk through diversification
  • Position money managers in ways that will maximize tax efficiencies at the beginning, and as the rules change
  • Integrate values-based investing where appropriate
  • Carefully explain the tax and cost consequences of your investment options or portfolio changes
  • Incorporate the “optimal” solution into your Investment Policy Statement with a clear plan for communication and regular portfolio reviews

Despite all of this expertise, we never forget that doing the numbers is only part of the journey. We put the highest priority on understanding you and your unique needs when creating your wealth plan. It’s your money and financial well-being that you’ve entrusted us with.