5 Step Wealth Strategy

Willow Grove Advisors 5 Steps to a Wealth Strategy

Step 1: Comprehensive Wealth Analysis

Understand client needs, goals, concerns, and dreams

  • Review current assets, what kind of accounts they are held in and how they are invested.
  • Review current estate plan, insurance, tax profile, multi-country considerations, cash flow needs and constraints.
  • Conduct analysis of current investments.

Step 2: Design Wealth Strategy

Create a wealth strategy that includes:

  • Return objective and risk tolerance
  • Allocation parameters
  • Values constraints
  • Liquidity requirements and risk
  • Tax considerations
  • Legal constraints
  • Unique circumstances
  • Time table and action steps

Step 3: Propose Investment Allocation Alternatives

  • Explain characteristics of taxable, retirement, and trust accounts
  • Propose optimal asset allocation and implementation options
  • Address long-term strategic and short term tactical adjustments in the context of the capital markets

Step 4: Implement Wealth Strategy

  • Propose product structures and manager styles to maximize potential after-tax return
  • Coordinate custody and brokerage services
  • Create an Investment Policy Statement
  • Assist in assembling a wealth management team, and coordinate with other professionals along a stated action plan and time table

Step 5: Rigorously Monitor and Supervise

  • Monitor changes in personal circumstances
  • Supervise ongoing investments
  • Provide timely reports highlighting comparative performance
  • Revise, re-balance, and make tactical adjustments, if necessary (return to Step 2)