Investment Strategy & Management

Willow Grove Advisors Investment Strategy & Management

How We Invest

At Willow Grove, we do not “time the market” or try to hit “home runs.” Experience, research and history show that these approaches do not work over time. Instead we create portfolios that strive for consistent returns over the long-term while minimizing risk. We know that if you protect a portfolio’s downside in difficult markets through proper diversification, the portfolio will prosper through the ups and downs of the market cycles. We want you to win the long game.

Willow Grove works with you to develop an investment policy. Because of our global perspective, our portfolios give you a broad level of diversification, using a wide variety of international and U.S. domestic assets and investment vehicles to implement the strategy, including:

  • Mutual Funds

  • Exchange Traded Funds

  • Separate Account Managers

  • Limited Partnerships

When implementing a portfolio, we combine money managers and investment vehicles to create a portfolio that is well diversified, while being as cost and tax efficient as possible. We use our 5 Steps to a Wealth Strategy Process to achieve your investment goals. To get started creating an investment plan, click here.