Investment Policy Guidelines

Our Client Specific Investment Policy

A client-specific investment policy guides every decision we make. Our in-depth discussions with you allow us to define the following elements:

  • Objectives: What goals does the portfolio need to achieve?
  • Expected returns: What are the minimum returns required to meet these goals?
  • Time horizon: How long do you have to reach your goals?
  • Risk tolerance: How much fluctuation in asset value can you tolerate over a short period of time?
  • Liquidity risk: What is the longest time period money can be committed to a single investment?
  • Liquidity needs: How much cash do you expect to withdraw from the portfolio, and what will be the timing of withdrawals?
  • Tax implications: Are your assets allocated and managed in a manner that maximizes wealth after taxes?
  • Estate Planning: Do you have a will and medical directive? Do you need a trust? Has your current trust been reviewed in the last few years? Do you have more complex estate planning needs like cross border planning, wealth transfer, or charitable planning?
  • Insurance: Has your insurance been reviewed in the last year? Are you insured at the appropriate levels? Do you have assets in more than one country or state? Do you need long-term care insurance?
  • Life Consideration: What events can be foreseen that we can plan for?