Client Communication

Willow Grove Advisors Client Communication

Staying On Track

Through monitoring and reporting, we closely supervise your portfolio and communicate how its investments perform. Our overriding concern is that your portfolio should always comply with its investment policy statement—your portfolio’s road map. Toward that end, we:

  • Review the quarterly performance of major asset classes

  • Evaluate risk management criteria for each manager and portfolio

  • Compare manager performance against relevant market and style indices

  • Recommend adjustments to your portfolio or investment manager structure if necessary

  • Review costs for reasonableness

  • Determine how best to handle withdrawals or contributions for the coming quarter

Performance Report and Client Meetings

Your quarterly performance report first examines economic and market conditions over the past quarter. This helps you understand how key events affected your portfolio. By meeting and communicating regularly, Willow Grove Advisors is able to stay current with your evolving life events, goals and wealth needs.

Markets, economies and policies are more complex and interconnected than ever, leaving many investors unsure of what signals to watch for and what steps to take next. While the outlook for global growth is positive, the shift from synchronized to differentiated growth may cause periods of volatility in the financial markets – creating new risks and new opportunities.