Who Needs a Wealth Manager, and Why?

24 Jul

Who Needs a Wealth Manager, and Why?

Who Needs a Wealth Manager, and Why?

Berkeley, California – July 24, 2017

What is a “Wealth Manager” in the first place? Wealth management is an investment-advisory discipline which incorporates financial planning, investment portfolio management and a number of aggregated financial services. High-net-worth individuals call upon wealth managers to coordinate banking, estate planning, legal resources, tax professionals and investment management.

Wealth management involves highly customized and sophisticated investment-management and financial-planning services delivered to high-net-worth investors. Generally this includes advice on the use of trusts and other estate planning vehicles, business-succession or stock-option planning, and the use of hedging derivatives for large blocks, of stock sophisticated financial solutions and expertise throughout the world. A wealth manager works with complex domestic and/or global wealth circumstances where a high level of customization is needed—the opposite of a robo advisor.

There are a number of reasons why high net worth investors find the services of a wealth manager to be helpful.  These include many or all of the following:

  • Time (or lack thereof) – This is the most valuable and scarce resource you have. Successful individuals are typically devoting their full time and energies to their career or business. Arguably, attempting to manage a complex wealth circumstance is not the best use of your time.
  • Expertise/Experience – We are in tune with the issues and current events in investment, tax, legal and estate planning circles because we spend 100% of our professional time providing wealth management services to high net worth individuals and their families. Our specialists have the requisite credentials, skill set and experience.  Knowing that your wealth is being monitored by experienced professionals will provide you with peace of mind.
  • Desire – Many high net worth individuals have the necessary time and/or expertise, but prefer to spend it on other pursuits.
  • Objectivity – This is the hallmark of Willow Grove Advisors’ services. As Fiduciaries, we always act in the best interest of the client, offering unbiased advice.
  • Cost Savings – By paying close attention to all the moving parts of a wealth picture, a wealth manager can help to avoid bad decisions, can negotiate fees and costs, knows when to call in other professionals at the appropriate level of need so the client does not overpay, and works closely with other wealth team professionals to make sure that information flows effectively. A wealth manager works to optimize and safeguard client wealth.

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